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Cut the Salt, Lose the Weight!

Hello Loyal Soup People! Let’s talk, again, about salt. The truth is we all need a little salt in our lives! Most people should not be on complete salt-free diets unless prescribed by a doctor. Of course, as we know, most of us eat too much salt, mostly through processed food. I just learned of yet another reason why we should cut back on excess salt. It makes us eat more!

According to a study recently published in the Journal of Nutrition, salt makes us eat more and consume more calories throughout the day. In the study, researchers gave participants macaroni and cheese. They mixed up the amount of fat and salt. Some participants ate high salt and high fat macaroni, while others ate the opposite. Some had a mix of the two. The researchers found that the fat content didn’t impact the participants’ eating patterns. Rather, it was the salt content that has the biggest impact! Those participants that ate the higher salt macaroni and cheese consumed 14% more of their meals than those eating the lower salt meals. That’s quite a bit more mac and cheese!

They are still studying why the salt had such an impact on their eating choices. However, the conclusion is clear – salt makes us eat more. So, if you are focusing on portion size, cut the salt!

*NOTE – Soupermom is not a licensed dietitian, doctor, personal trainer, or anything like that. She’s just extremely knowledgeable about healthy living!! But if you slip and fall while taking her advice, it is not her fault!

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