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Food Trends for 2017!

Hello Loyal Soup People! This week I’d like to share a bit of information about the new food “trends” on the horizon this year. I’m very optimistic about these new trends in the food world because they seem to be very healthy!

1 – Fat is Back! We are learning more and more about how fat, in moderation, is quite healthy. In fact, fat in our diet can help us lose weight by keeping us satiated. Look for foods containing heart-healthy fat sources such as olive and canola oil, avocados, nuts and seeds. Of course, continue to avoid trans-fat because that is never going to be good for you!

2 – Added sugar is out. We’re also learning that sugar is extraordinarily unhealthy. Over consumption of sugar is directly tied to obesity and causes inflammation. Companies are responding by lowering the sugar content in their products – ranging from cereal to tomato sauce. However, it is up to you, the consumer, to pay attention to the back label to see how much sugar is really in a given product.

3 – Ethical food choices – Consumers are paying more attention to how their food is grown, how the labor force behind a product is treated, and other factors that go into food. Companies are responding by promoting better farm and labor practices and making larger donations to charities and their communities. A win for everyone!

4 – Healthy Snacking – Grab and go healthy snacks are on the rise, and are slowly taking the place of larger sit down meals. I’m a proponent of this type of eating, especially later in the day. There is no need for us to sit down famished before a large dinner. Eating snacks later in the day allows us to sit down to a light dinner, which is definitely a healthier way to eat.

5 – Plant Based is IN! The popularity of plant-based diets is growing by the day. From mock meats, to new milk-alternatives, consumers are turning towards more plant based options.

All of these trends are exciting and make me optimistic about our food choices this year and beyond.

*NOTE – Soupermom is not a licensed dietitian, doctor, personal trainer, or anything like that. She’s just extremely knowledgeable about healthy living!! But if you slip and fall while taking her advice, it is not her fault!

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