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Let's Talk About Sourcing

Hi friends –

There’s been quite a bit of news these days about our supply chain, food sources, and safety. And frankly, we’re glad that people are really beginning to pay attention to where their food comes from.

At Soupergirl, we’re doubling down on our sourcing efforts. In addition to our work with farms near the Washington, DC area, we’re establishing relationships with companies that fight food waste. We’re particularly proud of the work we’re doing with our partners at Full Harvest. This incredible female-founded company is bringing science and technology to the fight against food waste.

Many of the ingredients in our summer soups are sourced from Full Harvest. We’re working together with this amazing company to fight food waste, help American farmers, and further reduce our carbon footprint.

Back in 2008 when we started this company, we wanted to help people understand the story behind their food. Who cooked it? How was the produce grown? Was everyone treated fairly? Paid properly? There are so many steps involved before food finally arrives on our plates (or in our bowls!). We are working to make sure that the story behind your soup is a good one – now more than ever.

Wishing you a peaceful, healthy weekend.


Soupergirl and Soupermom

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