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Meet My Friend Magnolia

Meet My Friend Magnolia

Meet my friend Magnolia. She’s six years old, and, as you can see, adorable and souper. What you don’t see in this picture is that Magnolia is suffering from a rare disease called Rett Syndrome. Until the age of three, Magnolia was progressing beautifully – running around, singing, talking, dancing. And then things changed. Rett began to slowly take hold of her little body. Rett is progressive, so far Magnolia has lost her ability to speak and use her hands. She experiences frequent seizures and often has difficulty breathing. She also requires an eye gaze technology computer to communicate.

I met Maggie this past summer via a blog post written by her mother. After watching the destruction and havoc wreaked by the storms and hurricanes of the summer, Maggie’s mom asked – would they survive such a storm? Would they be able to evacuate with all of Maggie’s equipment necessary for her special needs?

Unfortunately, this is the case for thousands of other girls and boys that are victims of this vicious disease. Rett knows no boundaries – economic, geographic, race – Rett is equally cruel to everyone.

The good news? A cure is on the horizon. Urgent funding is needed for more research. Can you imagine knowing that money is the only obstacle preventing a healthy life for your child?

So we here at Soupergirl thought we’d try to help. February is Magnolia’s Month at Soupergirl. Every day at the shop, one of the soups will be Magnolia’s Soup. A portion of the revenue from the sales of that soup will be donated to the cause.

You can also help out by making a donation online. We’ve set up a special Souper Magnolia campaign online. Quite literally, every dollar helps us get one step closer to a cure. A cure for Magnolia, and the thousands of other children gripped by Rett.

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