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Slow and Steady Weight Loss Wins the Race!

Hello Loyal Soup People! Have you ever tried to diet and failed… and then weighed more than when you started? I’ve just seen so many people struggle to lose weight, fail, lose motivation, and just give up. I find that one of the main reasons for this failure is setting unreasonable goals and expectations. Often, when people start dieting they set themselves up for failure. “I need to lose 50 pounds by my daughter’s wedding,” or “I want to fit into my college jeans by Thanksgiving.” Fifty pounds is A LOT of weight, and takes a long time to lose. So, how about we scale back those expectations? Did you know that losing 10 pounds, or even three to four pounds can have very important health benefits?

Studies have shown that losing even 5% of your body weight can lead to big improvements  in insulin sensitivity and other major factors associated with heart disease and diabetes. In fact, when you lose weight in small increments, the benefits keep adding up. Long term, slow, modest weight loss can result in long-term reduction in blood pressure. In fact, for every pound of weight loss, systolic blood pressure goes down, on average, by one point. That’s a serious health benefit with every pound!

When you start accepting the fact that you are helping your body with every single pound you lose, it becomes easier to see the long term goal. Fifty pounds can be achievable – but let’s start with one or two! You’ll start reaping the health benefits immediately!

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