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The Gift of Soup!

The Gift of Soup!

Is there anything in the world better than the Gift of Soup? Anything? OK, perhaps puppies. And rainbows. But other than that, nothing! New moms routinely tell us that our soup got them through the first few months of motherhood. “Stop sending the onesies,” they say! “Just send soup! Send SOUP!!” When your friends move into a new home, skip the fern. Forget the orchid. No one can keep those alive anyway. Send soup! They haven’t unpacked a thing. They’re hungry. They need soup. Desperately. And hey, remember when you borrowed your neighbor’s snow shovel and it broke and he couldn’t dig his car out of its spot for a month? Yeah, you should probably get him some soup.

So many opportunities for gifts, so little time! Actually, there’s plenty of time. Stop stressing! Plus, there are so many options for gifts! We have:

Gift packages
In store gift cards

Send a new mom a full Soupscription, and they don’t need to cook for a month! We’ll deliver it right to their door.

Flowers and chocolate = out. Soup = IN! Click here for all the details or send us an email and we’ll explain all the options.

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